Fully Fund The Flood Recovery


It’s been nearly two years months since the floods, and thousands of people across the Northern Rivers region are still waiting for the buybacks, retrofits and raises that their flood-ravaged homes need.

Last year, the NSW government promised 6000 buybacks, retrofits and raises to our region in the aftermath of the devastating floods. $1.5 million in spending on the Resilient Homes Program was required to deliver on this promise, but less than half of that was delivered in the first tranche of funding last October.

Our community has repeatedly been promised that a second tranche of funding would be delivered for the 75% of flood victims who missed out from Tranche 1 of funding - but 18 months on, and we’re still waiting.

The Premier has committed to delivering this funding and supplying the 6000 buybacks, retrofits and raises that they were promised. But Labor’s 2023 budget only delivered an eighth of the additional funding required to make this happen.

What’s more, the federal Labor government made no additional contribution to a second tranche of funding for the Resilient Homes Program.


Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina and NSW Greens spokesperson for Disaster Relief, is joining the community’s calls for the state and federal Labor governments to:

  • commit the additional $700m in funding for the Resilient Homes Program before the two-year flood anniversary
  • communicate clear timelines for the delivery of 2000 buybacks, 2000 retrofits and 2000 house-raises as promised by the NRRC, and
  • ensure better transparency from the Reconstruction Authority and prioritise community control of disaster recovery going forward.


We’re aiming to get as many signatures as we can before the two-year anniversary on February 28th so we can pressure Labor to deliver.

Flood survivors shouldn’t be forced to enter a third year of having to continue living in hope for support that may never arrive. The federal and state Labor governments need to step up.


Who's signing

Theresa Rawstorne
Anne-Marie Briggs
Anna Middleton
Tracee Thomson
Natalie Dugan
John Gough
Rachel Doyle
Jenny Hughes
Tom Grace
Penelope Stapleton
Kitty Crain
Therese Crollick
Lee Kerwand
sally warriner
Felicity Carroll
Judith White
Lucy Vader
Peter Lane
Martin A O'connell
Maureen McDermott
Angelika Knou
Doug Luke
Rick Van der Klei
Martin Bail
Meredith Williams
Hamish Holbrook
Judi Greaves
Brooke Fletcher
Sandra Heilpern
Kate Semken

Will you sign?

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  • Theresa Rawstorne
    signed 2023-09-30 07:20:20 +1000
    I drove through Lismore yesterday, it breaks my heart.
  • Anne-Marie Briggs
    signed 2023-09-30 07:18:45 +1000
    It’s time to prioritise people over profit. That’s what Labor was once about.
  • Anna Middleton
    signed via 2023-09-30 07:13:38 +1000
  • Tracee Thomson
    signed 2023-09-30 07:09:24 +1000
  • Natalie Dugan
    signed 2023-09-30 06:31:00 +1000
  • John Gough
    signed 2023-09-30 06:25:46 +1000
  • Rachel Doyle
    signed 2023-09-30 06:24:10 +1000
    I was completely flooded and now can’t sell my house. No help from government, its a disgrace
  • Jenny Hughes
    signed 2023-09-30 06:23:28 +1000
    I think oil and gas companies should also contribute to this as they have contributed a significant amount to causing the floods in the first place.
  • Tom Grace
    signed 2023-09-30 06:21:26 +1000
  • Penelope Stapleton
    signed 2023-09-30 06:19:36 +1000
  • Kitty Crain
    signed 2023-09-30 06:15:56 +1000
    Please help flood affected people who have Lost so much and remain displaced from their communities.
  • Therese Crollick
    signed 2023-09-30 06:04:36 +1000
    Get out communities back to where they need to be and more funding for Local Government here as well.
  • Lee Kerwand
    signed 2023-09-30 06:03:43 +1000
    Appalling!! I’m living in a caravan out the front of my house…in hope that I can receive the required funding to raise my home and protect from future weather events.

    There is no doubt in my mind that my house will flood in the future. The extreme weather is happening around every five years and the town cannot cope. There is clear data points now.

    I am not prepared to go another 1.5 years with nowhere to live, waiting for the incompetent, understaffed, and heartless insurance companies (and their third party providers) to cut through their own red tape.

    Selling up is not an option! People don’t want to buy a flooded home!

    Please fund the flood recovery. Spend now to save later.

    Consider the costs of emergency housing/ flood pods (of which there is nowhere near enough!) $500k per year each??, caravan rentals $50k per year, mental health support etc. The money spent on these things post-event could be reduced if funds were released so that people can get back in their homes or relocated sooner.
  • sally warriner
    signed 2023-09-30 06:02:10 +1000
  • Felicity Carroll
    signed 2023-09-30 05:59:57 +1000
    Thank you Greens for caring about humanity and not just corporations and your wealthy mates.
  • Judith White
    signed 2023-09-30 05:57:14 +1000
  • Lucy Vader
    signed 2023-09-30 05:38:37 +1000
  • Peter Lane
    signed 2023-09-30 05:31:04 +1000
    So much promised to a devastated community and so little delivered.
  • Martin A O'connell
    signed 2023-09-30 05:22:46 +1000
    Its a disgrace!

    I dont want my tax dollars handed over to greedy corporations to further degrade our struggling land and make the likelihood of further such catastrophes even greater.
  • Maureen McDermott
    signed 2023-09-30 05:13:37 +1000
  • Angelika Knou
    signed 2023-09-30 04:53:58 +1000
  • Doug Luke
    signed 2023-09-30 04:33:59 +1000
  • Rick Van der Klei
    signed 2023-09-30 02:54:12 +1000
  • Martin Bail
    signed 2023-09-30 00:49:11 +1000
  • Meredith Williams
    signed 2023-09-29 23:55:19 +1000
  • Hamish Holbrook
    signed 2023-09-29 23:37:28 +1000
  • Judi Greaves
    signed via 2023-09-29 23:02:35 +1000
  • Brooke Fletcher
    signed 2023-09-29 22:52:44 +1000
  • Sandra Heilpern
    signed 2023-09-29 22:26:56 +1000
  • Kate Semken
    signed 2023-09-29 22:05:45 +1000