Outreach Survey

What matters to you?

Whether it is renewable energy, a lack of affordable housing, better access to public transport or the loss of our natural environment – we are eager to hear what matters to you.

As your elected representative in the NSW Parliament and the Member for Ballina, I want to ensure that your priorities and the issues that concern you and your loved ones inform what we do.

What do you want more action on? Do you want to see better mental health services for people in our community or improved renters’ rights? You might be concerned about a local issue like the dire state of the Richmond River or a state-wide issue like stopping the extinction of koalas in NSW. Large or small we want to hear about the issues that you care about.

Your feedback shapes the way we work in and with our community by giving us valuable feedback on what you think we should be doing right now and into the future.

Please select the area of Government policy which is the most important to you from the list below.

You will be able to select other areas in following questions and there is space for you to add extra policy areas and your ideas later in the survey.