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  • Michele Nichols
    commented 2021-09-22 13:41:44 +1000
    So film and television production put LGA‘s in our region into lockdown once again- we have been Inconvenienced in so many ways by “Eden” and “Nine Perfect Strangers”(including the cancellation of special needs basket ball league because they needed the space for storage ) filming vaused blocking our beaches and streets (Marked as roadworks ) this time we are off scot-free for now ! Today the school across the road has a film production crew set up in the Oval how the hell is reality TV an essential service!? seriously as for “I’m a celebrity get me out of here “ being filmed in the Byron region OXYMORON isn’t that where they all want to be ? I don’t think anybody want to tap out – Then “the block “ well I don’t think they could afford to buy a block of land around here so they can piss off too – locals shut down Netflix “Byron Baes “So why are we putting up with it? AGAIN? It was welcomed on the premise of financial injection locally … But he’s only bought economic losses in the billions business closures unemployment and grief is beyond measure to those impacted HOW CAN A LOCAL PRIMARY SCHOOL HOST SUCH ACTIVITY !