Save koalas from death and habitat destruction


Please help save koalas from the brink of extinction in New South Wales. Following the horrendous bushfires, koalas need your help – now more than ever. More than 5,000 koalas have perished in NSW alone.

Eucalyptus trees are food and shelter for koalas. Without them, vulnerable koalas become easy prey for wild dogs. With their homes destroyed, they are more susceptible to disease and are often hit by cars.

Facing devastating habitat loss and with no wildlife hospital, koalas are in grave danger and need your help.

Use your voice to help save koalas from the brink of extinction – sign the petition now. Your signature will be presented to the Premier of New South Wales. She has the power to make an emergency endangered species declaration for koalas, stop excessive tree-clearing in the state and fund a wildlife hospital to rehabilitate koalas.

Help save koalas under fire. Add your name to the petition and share with your friends now.

To the New South Wales government,

Ecologists have estimated more than 5,000 koalas in New South Wales are likely to have died in the bushfires, and their numbers may have dropped by as much as two-thirds in less than 20 years.

We are calling on you to urgently make an emergency endangered species declaration for koalas in New South Wales.

Please stop excessive tree-clearing in the state and fund a dedicated wildlife hospital in the Northern Rivers.

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